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EZ Dough for Medium Baquette Single

Very easy bread recipe. After a few times you'll be making great bread without even looking at the recipe!

Included are approximate cup/spoon measurements for those without a scale.

Ingredients Needed:

- Egg 50 grams (~1 LARGE egg)
- Milk 50 grams (~3-1/3 TBSP)
- Sugar 6 grams (~1 TSP)
- Instant Yeast 10 grams (~1 TBSP)
- King Arthur Bread Flour 140 grams (~1 cup)
- Salt 6 grams (~1 TSP)
- Vegetable oil 14 grams (~1TBSP) (olive, sunflower, etc)


- Optional: Egg 50 grams, for crust wash. Just mix well and brush onto top of bread right before baking. See example pics below of finished bread with washed crusts.

- Optional: Use light coat of non-stick vegetable oil (canola, olive, etc)spray on top of bread for crust wash.

- Optional: Replace 70 grams Bread flour with Wheat flour.

- Optional: Replace egg and milk in recipe with 100 grams of Buttermilk.

- Optional: Replace egg and milk in recipe with 90 grams of Water.

Quick Reference:

Flour to water ratio: 100 parts flour to 65 parts water ( ie...100gram flour, 65gram water).
Flour to egg/milk ratio: 100 parts flour to 70 parts egg/milk/buttermilk/heavy cream/etc.

Mix in a small Microwave Safe Container;

- Egg
- Milk

Warm in Microwave for a few seconds to ~95F.

DO NOT heat above 100 or so. 120F or above will kill the yeast!


- Sugar
- Yeast
Let sit until foaming.

Mix in bowl;

- Flour
- Salt

- Then mix in egg/milk/yeast/sugar mixture (if it is foaming) into bowl with flour/salt .

Also add to bowl;
- Vegetable oil

Mix with a fork/spoon/etc for a couple minutes until all ingredients are uniformly mixed. Cover and let sit for 10 minutes.

Be careful about adding more flour or your bread will come out heavy and thick instead of light an fluffy.

Lightly coat your hands with flour to keep the dough from sticking to your hands while you knead. Repeat coating your hands with flour if necessary. Another method is using a non stick oil spray on your hands. Very little is needed.
The dough should be very soft...as soft as possible while still being able to hold shape while rising. It is something that takes a few tries to get the feel of, so dont give up. From my experience, the less flour you can get away with and still keep good loaf structure, the lighter your bread will be. It took me a while to figure this part out.

Dough mixture will be very sticky initially. Knead dough well. A few minutes of kneading will remove the stickiness.
Shape onto a ball and set into a covered bowl.

Let rise till doubled in size, usually 10-20 minutes.

Knead again, and shape into ball. Let rise 10-20 minutes in covered bowl.

Knead again and shape (see below) on your cooking pan or on a sheet of parchment paper for easy transfer to oven.

Let rise 30-40 minutes. The higher, fuller the rise, the lighter and fluffier your bread will be.

Brush (or spray) on crust wash now.

Bake @ 450F till gold brown.

The normal, long thin loaf style baguette only requires rolling the dough out into that shape. Personally I prefer the braided style as shown in the picture below.
To get this kind of loaf, shape the dough into an oblong and then cut into strips from one end, but leave all three connected at the other end as shown in picture, then braid the three strands and at the end pinch them together for baking.
You could also shape them into buns for burgers or sandwiches, as well.

Crust Wash: Egg (whole) and honey.

Crust Wash: Egg (whole) and honey.

Bread: with ground Caraway seed.
Crust Wash: Egg yolk and honey.

Bread: as recipe above but replaced milk with heavy cream.
Baked in small bread pan.
Crust Wash: Egg yolk.

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